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Umm al-Fadl

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Name & Family


Her name was Lubâbah bint al-Harith Ibn Hazan Ibn Bujair. She was married to al-'Abbâs, the Prophet's uncle. She gave birth to six boys by al-'Abbas. The names of her sons are al-Fadl, 'Abdullah, 'Ubaidullah, M'bad, Quthum and 'Abdur-Rahman.

Firm Belief


She embraced Islam before Hijrah. She was the brave woman. Abu Rafi' narrated that when Islam came I was still a servant to al-'Abbas who embraced Islam secretly so did his wife, Umm al-Fadl. In the battle of Badr the men of Quraish went out to fight against Muslims. Those who could not go charged another to fight instead. Among those who sent another one instead of them is Abu Lahab who sent al-'As Ibn Hishâm. Having known about the defeat of the people of Quraish in Badr, Abu Lahab got depressed and frustrated. On the other hand, we Muslims became proud and strong. Abu Rafi' added, "I was a weak man carving cups near the well of Zamzam. While I was sitting there with Umm al-Fadl pleased with the victory of Islam. Then came Abu Lahab enraged with anger. Later on, Abu Sufyân came. Abu Lahab said to him, "May you tell us what happened in Badr? Abu Sufyân said, "We did nothing but to give them (the Muslims) our backs to kill or to capture us whenever they like. By god, I did not blame our troops because the people we met are different. They were white and riding on white horses. By god, they could not be opposed." Thereupon, Abu Rafi', raised the curtain of the room and said, "Those must be angels." Accordingly Abu Lahab punched him. They fought each other until Abu Lahab fixed him to the earth. Eventually Umm al-Fadl held a cudgel and hit Abu Lahab on head saying "You consider him weak in the absence of his master" Thereby, Abu Lahab turned away humiliated. Seven days later he was afflicted by a fatal disease called al-'Adasa that killed him.

She (may Allah be pleased with her) reported thirty Prophetic hadiths.

Her Death


She died during the era of `Uthman Ibn `Affân. May Allah have mercy on her!

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