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Fatima Bint al- Khattab

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Her Name


Fatima bint al-Khattab Ibn Nufail Ibn 'Abd al- `Uzza.

Her life


When she was young, Sa`îd, Ibn Zayd married her. Sa`id embraced Islam at the hands of the honorable companion, Khabbab Ibn al-Arat. Sa`id called his wife Fatima to accept Islam. She accepted Islam when he heard what her husband said about Islam.

Khabbab used to pay frequent visits to them in order to teach them the Noble Qur'ân and the tenets of Islam. They concealed their belief lest they might be put into torture especially at the hands of `Umar Ibn al-Kattab, who was a strong enemy of Islam at that time.

One day, `Umar went out carrying his sword towards the house of Al-Arqam where the Prophet used to meet with his companions. Someone asked him, "Where are you going, `Umar? Why do you carry your sword? `Umar replied, "I am going to kill Muhammad who dispersed us and insulted our gods. The man said, "Do you think that Banu 'Abd Manaf (The Prophet's family) would let you do that without taking vengeance. The man, then, suggested to him that instead of killing Muhammad, he should reform his kin. He told him that his sister Fatima and her husband Sa’id Ibn Zayd embraced Islam. Enraged with anger, `Umar went to his sister's house. When reached there, he heard the recitation of some words that he did not understand. All of sudden, he rushed into their house calling loudly upon his sister. Khabbab, who was teaching them at that time immediately, hid himself. Fatima concealed the copy from which they read. 'Umar, then asked, "What was the murmuring I heard? They replied, "Nothing." `Umar said, I heard that you followed Muhammad." He then attacked his sister and her husband, but they bore the attack with exemplary patience, and declared their faith. He punched his sister so violently that she bled. 'Umar was so struck with their sincerity and fortitude that he asked to see the leaf from which they had been reading. Fatima refused and said, "You are impure. You have first to do ablution. "Having done ablution and read the copy, his soul was touched, the leaf contained same portion of the surah of Ta-Ha Having read up to Allah's saying,

"For every soul to receive its reward by the measure of its endeavor." (Ta-Ha: 15)

He commented, "What an honorable words!" Upon hearing Umar's comment, Khabbab Ibn al-Arat appeared from his hidden placed saying, O 'Umar, I hope that the Prophet's supplication be answered as he invoked to Allah saying, "O Allah! May you support Islam with the closest one to you either Abu Jahl Ibn Hishâm or 'Umar Ibn al-Khattab." The latter was the closest one.

'Umar went to the Prophet (PBUH) to utter the testification of faith before him and to join the Muslim community. He not only came into the faith but also became one of its strongest supporters and champions. It was Fatima who confronted `Umar and changed the course of his life.

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