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As shifa' bint al- Harith

Posted by Falsehoodgo on December 23, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Her Name

Ash-Shifâ' bint `Abullah Ibn 'Abd Shams Ibn `Adey Ibn Ka'b. However, her first name was Layla but she was famously known by Ash-Shifâ'. She was from the tribe of Quraish.

Acceptance of Islam

She embraced Islam before Hijrah and was among the early Muslim women who migrated from Makka to Madinah and gave the pledge of faith to the Prophet (PBUH).

She got married to Abu Khaythamah Ibn Huzayfah and gave birth to a boy called Sulaymân. She learnt to read and write while still in Makka before Islam. Having entered Islam, she shouldered the task of educating the Muslim women seeking Allah's reward. Thereby, she was called the first female teacher in Islam.


The Prophet looked after ash-Shifa' when she came to Madina and assigned her a house. She, like all other Muslim women, loved the Prophet (PBUH) and learnt much of his sayings. After such long live of striving, and sticking to Islam, she died twenty years after Hijrah (may Allah have mercy on her).

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