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Al- Khansa'

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Her Name

Her name was Tamadur bint 'Amr Ibn al-Hârith Ibn ash-Sharîd.

An Excellent Poet

She was a famous poet. Most of her poems are about her brothers, Sakhr and Mu`awiyah, killed in tribal battles pre-dating Islam. Mu`awiyah was killed first; then Sakhr was wounded in a revenge attempt and died of his wounds. Khansa's laments made her famous throughout the Arab world.

This is a sample of her poems:


About Sakhr, she writes:

“Remembrance makes me sleepless at evening

But by dawn I am worn raw by brimming disaster

Because of Sakhr_____ O what young man is like Sakhr

on a day of war when the fighting turns to the cunning spears?”

“O my eyes, be generous and do not stop crying!

Will you not weep for Sakhr

the handsome youth,

the young chieftain_____

who had high pillars and a long sword?

He undertook the chieftainship of his tribe when a lad.

When his tribesmen went seeking grace,

he, too, sought it.

His hand (status) was far above that of his tribesmen

Yet he kept ascending the ladder of grace and honour.”

Her life in Islam

She came to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) with her tribe to embrace Islam. Having entered Islam, She led a different life of honor, patience and gratitude. Islam changed the course of her life.

In addition to her great poems, she had great heroic attitudes. In the battle of al Qadisiyyah, she accompanied the army with her four children. Before rushing into war she commended them saying, "O sons, you optionally entered Islam so did you migrate. You are all my sons. I never betrayed your father nor did I forged your ancestry. You know what Allah prepared for Muslims of great reward when fighting against atheists. You have to know that the immortal life is better than the perishable. Allah the Almighty said: "O you who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other; and fear God; that ye may prosper.” (Al-Imran: 200) In the morning, you have to equip yourselves enough. Throw yourselves in the midst of the war and do not be scared so as you may gain martyrdom.

When she heard the news of the martyrdom of them all, she exclaimed: “All praise is to Allah who honored me through their martyrdom.” So, this was the change that Islam had brought in her: on the one hand, we find her urging her tribesmen to avenge her brothers’ death and on the other hand, she, as a mother, sends all her children to the battlefield and is grateful for their martyrdom.

Her Death

She died, according to some, during Usman’s caliphate in 24 A.H.(644-645 A.D.) and according to some, during Mu’awiya’S caliphate in 42ND A.H.(663 A.D.) at her residence in Ba’dia.

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