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Umm Waraqah

Posted by Falsehoodgo on December 23, 2016 at 9:40 AM

Her Name


She was the daughter of `Abdullah Ibn al-Hârith Ibn `Uwaymer Ibn Nawfal. She was from al-Ansâr (the helpers).

Seeking Martyrdom


The Prophet used to call her the martyr, because she hoped for death in the cause of Allah. At the battle of Badr, she asked the Prophet's (pbuh) permission to join the Muslim army in order to treat the wounded and hoping that she might win the martyrdom. The Prophet (pbuh) said to her "Allah would grant you martyrdom. Stay home you are a martyr ."

Her Martyrdom


She memorized the Qur'ân by heart. The Prophet (pbuh), therefore, allowed her to lead her household (of women) in prayer. She kept doing the rites of Islam until she was murdered at the hands of two slaves: male and female. These two slaves killed her because their freedom was conditional on her death. In the morning, "`Umar Ibn al-Khattâb said, "By Allah, I did not hear the recitation of aunt Umm Waraqah last night. Accordingly he checked her home and found that she had died. He said, "The Messenger of Allah said the truth when he used to say, "Let us go to visit the martyr."

`Umar ordered the killers to be brought before him. They confessed their crime. Thus, he sentenced them to be crucified. They were the first people to be crucified in Medina. May Allah have mercy on Umm Waraqah who won the martyrdom, which she had asked for.

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