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Sumayya bint khayyat

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Her early life

Sumayya bint khayyat was a slave of Abu Hudhayfa ibn al-Mughira. She got married to yassir, one of the immigrants to Makka. Because he was an immigrant, Yassir had the feeling of alienation. Theretore, he resorted to Abu hudhayfa seeking sponsorship. Abu Hudhayfa in turn gave him his female servant, Sumayya in marriage. They soon gave birth to 'Ammâr and' Ubaidellah. When 'Ammâr grew up, he knew about the new faith, he embraced Islam after a long period of meditation. He went home to clarify what he heard from the Prophet (pbuh) to his parents. At once, Yassir and Sumayya embraced Islam.

Her trial & death


Banu Makhzum knew that Yassir, Sumayya and' Ammar accepted Islam. So, they put them into severe torture to make them abandon Islam. They started to take them all to the burning desert of Makka, where they tortured them severely. However, Sumayya maintained a firm stance. The Prophet (pbuh) used to go where they were tortured, commending their fortitude and heroism by saying, "Keep patient, Yassir's family. Verily, your meeting place will be in Paradise. "Upon hearing the Prophet's (pbuh) saying, Sumayya proudly recited, "I testify that you are the Messenger of Allah and that your promise is truthful." She did not bother about death so long as it was in the cause of Allah. Verily she tasted the sweetness of belief and witnessed Allah's reward by the eyes of her. Although her husband, Yâssir passed away before her eyes, the tyrant atheists failed to convert her. Eventually, Abu Jahl stabbed her with his spear to be the first female martyr in Islam. May Allah have mercy on Sumayya the symbol of sacrifice and courage!

Umm al-Fadl

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Name & Family


Her name was Lubâbah bint al-Harith Ibn Hazan Ibn Bujair. She was married to al-'Abbâs, the Prophet's uncle. She gave birth to six boys by al-'Abbas. The names of her sons are al-Fadl, 'Abdullah, 'Ubaidullah, M'bad, Quthum and 'Abdur-Rahman.

Firm Belief


She embraced Islam before Hijrah. She was the brave woman. Abu Rafi' narrated that when Islam came I was still a servant to al-'Abbas who embraced Islam secretly so did his wife, Umm al-Fadl. In the battle of Badr the men of Quraish went out to fight against Muslims. Those who could not go charged another to fight instead. Among those who sent another one instead of them is Abu Lahab who sent al-'As Ibn Hishâm. Having known about the defeat of the people of Quraish in Badr, Abu Lahab got depressed and frustrated. On the other hand, we Muslims became proud and strong. Abu Rafi' added, "I was a weak man carving cups near the well of Zamzam. While I was sitting there with Umm al-Fadl pleased with the victory of Islam. Then came Abu Lahab enraged with anger. Later on, Abu Sufyân came. Abu Lahab said to him, "May you tell us what happened in Badr? Abu Sufyân said, "We did nothing but to give them (the Muslims) our backs to kill or to capture us whenever they like. By god, I did not blame our troops because the people we met are different. They were white and riding on white horses. By god, they could not be opposed." Thereupon, Abu Rafi', raised the curtain of the room and said, "Those must be angels." Accordingly Abu Lahab punched him. They fought each other until Abu Lahab fixed him to the earth. Eventually Umm al-Fadl held a cudgel and hit Abu Lahab on head saying "You consider him weak in the absence of his master" Thereby, Abu Lahab turned away humiliated. Seven days later he was afflicted by a fatal disease called al-'Adasa that killed him.

She (may Allah be pleased with her) reported thirty Prophetic hadiths.

Her Death


She died during the era of `Uthman Ibn `Affân. May Allah have mercy on her!

Fatima Bint al- Khattab

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Her Name


Fatima bint al-Khattab Ibn Nufail Ibn 'Abd al- `Uzza.

Her life


When she was young, Sa`îd, Ibn Zayd married her. Sa`id embraced Islam at the hands of the honorable companion, Khabbab Ibn al-Arat. Sa`id called his wife Fatima to accept Islam. She accepted Islam when he heard what her husband said about Islam.

Khabbab used to pay frequent visits to them in order to teach them the Noble Qur'ân and the tenets of Islam. They concealed their belief lest they might be put into torture especially at the hands of `Umar Ibn al-Kattab, who was a strong enemy of Islam at that time.

One day, `Umar went out carrying his sword towards the house of Al-Arqam where the Prophet used to meet with his companions. Someone asked him, "Where are you going, `Umar? Why do you carry your sword? `Umar replied, "I am going to kill Muhammad who dispersed us and insulted our gods. The man said, "Do you think that Banu 'Abd Manaf (The Prophet's family) would let you do that without taking vengeance. The man, then, suggested to him that instead of killing Muhammad, he should reform his kin. He told him that his sister Fatima and her husband Sa’id Ibn Zayd embraced Islam. Enraged with anger, `Umar went to his sister's house. When reached there, he heard the recitation of some words that he did not understand. All of sudden, he rushed into their house calling loudly upon his sister. Khabbab, who was teaching them at that time immediately, hid himself. Fatima concealed the copy from which they read. 'Umar, then asked, "What was the murmuring I heard? They replied, "Nothing." `Umar said, I heard that you followed Muhammad." He then attacked his sister and her husband, but they bore the attack with exemplary patience, and declared their faith. He punched his sister so violently that she bled. 'Umar was so struck with their sincerity and fortitude that he asked to see the leaf from which they had been reading. Fatima refused and said, "You are impure. You have first to do ablution. "Having done ablution and read the copy, his soul was touched, the leaf contained same portion of the surah of Ta-Ha Having read up to Allah's saying,

"For every soul to receive its reward by the measure of its endeavor." (Ta-Ha: 15)

He commented, "What an honorable words!" Upon hearing Umar's comment, Khabbab Ibn al-Arat appeared from his hidden placed saying, O 'Umar, I hope that the Prophet's supplication be answered as he invoked to Allah saying, "O Allah! May you support Islam with the closest one to you either Abu Jahl Ibn Hishâm or 'Umar Ibn al-Khattab." The latter was the closest one.

'Umar went to the Prophet (PBUH) to utter the testification of faith before him and to join the Muslim community. He not only came into the faith but also became one of its strongest supporters and champions. It was Fatima who confronted `Umar and changed the course of his life.

Asma' Bint Yazid Ibn As-Sakan

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Asma' was called "the preacher of women" because she was eloquent, rational and religious. She was an ideal Muslim woman. She was among the Muslim women who came to the Prophet (SAW) to give pledge to Islam. Having given the pledge, she was curious to know anything and everything about Islam. She would listening and ask the Prophet questions regarding women.

It was she who asked about equality regarding men and women. When it came to the battle of Yarmuk, women were among the Muslim warriors on the battlefield. They not only fought, but also fed and tended the wounded. She lived a life of knowledge, fighting for the cause of Allah. May Allah have mercy on her.

As shifa' bint al- Harith

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Her Name

Ash-Shifâ' bint `Abullah Ibn 'Abd Shams Ibn `Adey Ibn Ka'b. However, her first name was Layla but she was famously known by Ash-Shifâ'. She was from the tribe of Quraish.

Acceptance of Islam

She embraced Islam before Hijrah and was among the early Muslim women who migrated from Makka to Madinah and gave the pledge of faith to the Prophet (PBUH).

She got married to Abu Khaythamah Ibn Huzayfah and gave birth to a boy called Sulaymân. She learnt to read and write while still in Makka before Islam. Having entered Islam, she shouldered the task of educating the Muslim women seeking Allah's reward. Thereby, she was called the first female teacher in Islam.


The Prophet looked after ash-Shifa' when she came to Madina and assigned her a house. She, like all other Muslim women, loved the Prophet (PBUH) and learnt much of his sayings. After such long live of striving, and sticking to Islam, she died twenty years after Hijrah (may Allah have mercy on her).

Al- Khansa'

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Her Name

Her name was Tamadur bint 'Amr Ibn al-Hârith Ibn ash-Sharîd.

An Excellent Poet

She was a famous poet. Most of her poems are about her brothers, Sakhr and Mu`awiyah, killed in tribal battles pre-dating Islam. Mu`awiyah was killed first; then Sakhr was wounded in a revenge attempt and died of his wounds. Khansa's laments made her famous throughout the Arab world.

This is a sample of her poems:


About Sakhr, she writes:

“Remembrance makes me sleepless at evening

But by dawn I am worn raw by brimming disaster

Because of Sakhr_____ O what young man is like Sakhr

on a day of war when the fighting turns to the cunning spears?”

“O my eyes, be generous and do not stop crying!

Will you not weep for Sakhr

the handsome youth,

the young chieftain_____

who had high pillars and a long sword?

He undertook the chieftainship of his tribe when a lad.

When his tribesmen went seeking grace,

he, too, sought it.

His hand (status) was far above that of his tribesmen

Yet he kept ascending the ladder of grace and honour.”

Her life in Islam

She came to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) with her tribe to embrace Islam. Having entered Islam, She led a different life of honor, patience and gratitude. Islam changed the course of her life.

In addition to her great poems, she had great heroic attitudes. In the battle of al Qadisiyyah, she accompanied the army with her four children. Before rushing into war she commended them saying, "O sons, you optionally entered Islam so did you migrate. You are all my sons. I never betrayed your father nor did I forged your ancestry. You know what Allah prepared for Muslims of great reward when fighting against atheists. You have to know that the immortal life is better than the perishable. Allah the Almighty said: "O you who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other; and fear God; that ye may prosper.” (Al-Imran: 200) In the morning, you have to equip yourselves enough. Throw yourselves in the midst of the war and do not be scared so as you may gain martyrdom.

When she heard the news of the martyrdom of them all, she exclaimed: “All praise is to Allah who honored me through their martyrdom.” So, this was the change that Islam had brought in her: on the one hand, we find her urging her tribesmen to avenge her brothers’ death and on the other hand, she, as a mother, sends all her children to the battlefield and is grateful for their martyrdom.

Her Death

She died, according to some, during Usman’s caliphate in 24 A.H.(644-645 A.D.) and according to some, during Mu’awiya’S caliphate in 42ND A.H.(663 A.D.) at her residence in Ba’dia.

Umm Waraqah

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Her Name


She was the daughter of `Abdullah Ibn al-Hârith Ibn `Uwaymer Ibn Nawfal. She was from al-Ansâr (the helpers).

Seeking Martyrdom


The Prophet used to call her the martyr, because she hoped for death in the cause of Allah. At the battle of Badr, she asked the Prophet's (pbuh) permission to join the Muslim army in order to treat the wounded and hoping that she might win the martyrdom. The Prophet (pbuh) said to her "Allah would grant you martyrdom. Stay home you are a martyr ."

Her Martyrdom


She memorized the Qur'ân by heart. The Prophet (pbuh), therefore, allowed her to lead her household (of women) in prayer. She kept doing the rites of Islam until she was murdered at the hands of two slaves: male and female. These two slaves killed her because their freedom was conditional on her death. In the morning, "`Umar Ibn al-Khattâb said, "By Allah, I did not hear the recitation of aunt Umm Waraqah last night. Accordingly he checked her home and found that she had died. He said, "The Messenger of Allah said the truth when he used to say, "Let us go to visit the martyr."

`Umar ordered the killers to be brought before him. They confessed their crime. Thus, he sentenced them to be crucified. They were the first people to be crucified in Medina. May Allah have mercy on Umm Waraqah who won the martyrdom, which she had asked for.

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